Meet The Team: Falko Leichhardt

Dynamic working environment and great atmosphere are just a few things Falko Leichhardt, Lead Engineer and Deputy Station Manager in Berlin enjoys while working at Direct Maintenance. Get to know him better as he shares some of his insights about work – and the challenges this year has brought us all.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your job? What is now different than before the pandemic hit?

At the height of the pandemic, it was shocking to see no more aircraft were flying and the sky over Berlin was completely empty. All of a sudden, I had to get used to parking and storage tasks and plan the team accordingly. This was followed by a phase of gradual increase of the operation, which resulted and still results in constant replanning. Both were very challenging for me, but above all for the whole team in Berlin.

For you personally, which recent work experience has been the most exciting or the most challenging and why?

It is a great challenge to respond to changing customer requirements and to offer the best possible service. Be it spontaneously different flight times or other types of aircraft where spontaneous action is required from the team in Berlin – all of these dynamic changes bring some excitement.

What are the main qualifications needed in your line of work? What are the main tasks / responsibilities in your position?

I would say primarily to keep calm and keep a clear head. Furthermore, my position, in my opinion, is one of the best. I can continue to work on highly complex aircraft and therefore always stay in the field and also have a lot to do with customer communication and working with our management team to solve problems or respond to new customer requests.

What do you like most about working in aviation – and in Direct Maintenance?

Aviation continues to hold a great fascination for me. And at Direct Maintenance, I feel good because there is a relaxed family atmosphere and everyone can contribute with their ideas.

How do you evaluate your experience working at Direct Maintenance? What are your best memories from your time working here?

I started at Direct Maintenance when the station in Berlin was facing a mammoth challenge. To be part of it and to see how the team has (and still does) rise to the challenge together makes me very proud. In personal conversations with each individual in the team, everyone praises the great atmosphere and the good working relationship, which I can only confirm.

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