Meet the team: Hasibe Sabuncu

Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want – this is the motto with which Hasibe Sabuncu, Operations Support here at Direct Maintenance, takes upon challenges every day. Get to know her better as she shares her experience while working with us!

How long have you been part of Direct Maintenance family? Did you know anything about the company before joining?

I have been part of the family since September 2019. I am not from ‘the industry’ and it was the first time that I got into aviation: at that time, I have been searching for a company that could challenge my ambition, develop my skills and has professionals working at the same time. Direct Maintenance has offered me all my needs and I am happy at work here from the very first day I’ve started!

I have been passionate about travelling since I was a kid and always wanted to work for a global organisation, therefore I graduated in IBM’s bachelor. Honestly, I have been thinking to work as a stewardess once before – but somehow knew also it would not be the exactly right work for me. So, when the opportunity came for a position at Direct Maintenance, I took it without hesitation.

What are the main challenges in your line of work? Do you have any “tactics” how you take on those challenges?

As I am working in Operations support, surely can be challenging sometimes. There is no day the same and that’s something that motivates me. However, working on so many different projects require to use and always aim to develop my coordination skills to be in control. I am a perfectionist and I strive to improve every day, to work efficiently to achieve the best results – and that’s also how I tackle the challenges: with always learning from them.

What are your other hobbies and interest? How do you like to spend your free time?

Direct Maintenance family knows that I am passionate about baking/ I like the vibe of sitting together and spending time to talk about random things while enjoying some baked goods. To burn the cake, I like to do Pilates regularly and I am riding horse as well. Besides that, I am travelling and exploring a lot when I got the chance to do and reading spiritual books, attending mindfulness seminars and meditation has become my number one practise since a long time.

What is your favourite moto?

Honestly, I do have a couple of quotes that will describe me either for work or general so I will share two! 1. Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want. 2. She knew the power of her mind and programmed it for success.

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