Meet the Team: John Bwogi

From the internship to a full-time position as a Ground Engineer – John Bwogi has grown as a professional together with us! John has been part of the Direct Maintenance team for over 8 years now – and it’s time he’d share a few insights on his experience with us!

Why did you choose to work in aviation? How did you start working at Direct Maintenance? 

John Bwogi: Pursuing my degree in Aeronautics in Algeria propelled me to work in the aviation field. After completion of my studies, I returned home to Uganda, where I got an opportunity to join Direct Maintenance on an internship program then, later on, was hired on a full-time basis as a mechanic.

Tell us a bit more about your experience at Direct Maintenance: what are the key challenges? What do you like most at your work? 

JB: I started my career with Direct Maintenance at a junior level, therefore I had to adapt and learn a lot from the experienced senior engineers who mentored me at the station especially Mr Douglas Madamombe (Maintenance Manager, EBB/LUN) and Mr Paul Ibekwe (Lead Engineer, EBB/LUN). This compelled me to learn the various approaches to solve technical issues and to also grow as a person – and that constant improvement and career growth are part of the things I appreciate the most.

What is your best memory from your work at Direct Maintenance? 

JB: It was the moment when I was finally promoted to the position of a fully licensed engineer and performed my first CRS!

As the current situation, influenced by the pandemic, has been quite challenging for many – what were the main challenges for you and how did you cope with them?

JB: Personal health and safety is the main challenge throughout this pandemic. Our job on many occasions leads us to mix with passengers – this alone increases our chances of contracting the virus. Keeping this in mind, I have to remind myself on a daily basis to be vigilant enough and observe the SOPs while still executing my duties as an engineer.

Besides aviation, what are the other things you enjoy – what hobbies, interests you have? 

JB: Besides aviation, my favourite activities include playing basketball, watching motorsport, soccer and rugby. My interests are skydiving and flying ultralight planes am looking forward to ticking this off my to-do list.

Let’s also see a few of your aviation favourites… What is your favourite place to travel to? What is your dream destination? 

JB: Dubai (UAE) is my favourite place to travel for shopping and social life; Cape Town in South Africa is my dream destination as I would love to visit the Table Mountain

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