Quality and approvals

Our approvals guarantee we meet the highest standards in the aviation industry

As a result of our stringent Quality Assurance system, Magnetic Line (Direct Maintenance) is privileged being a holder of the following approvals: EASA Part-145, number NL.145.1339, issued by CAA/N
Download our EASA Part-145 Approval

FAA Repair Station (USA), number Q9DY421Y
Download our FAA Repair Station approval 

UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

Qatar Civil Aviation Administration (QCAA)

Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Administration (SCAA)

Bermuda DCA (BDCA)

Republic of Mauritius Department of Civil Aviation (DCAM)

Guernsey DCA (GDCA)

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

Transport Canada (TCCA)

Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom (CAA)

Magnetic MRO approvals can be found HERE.

Please contact us in case of any further questions regarding our certification privileges.

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