Tallinn Airport, Estonia

Northern Europe top-spot for high quality, highly effective line maintenance

We are providing our esteemed airline clients the best value for money in aircraft line maintenance. We value line maintenance as a critical part of any airline’s operations, as this is where daily operational activities happen. Thus we focus on supporting airlines to the highest dispatch reliability standards as well as professional and fast recovery from AOG situations. If it is possible to solve, we will take care of it.

As of 2021, Direct Maintenance and Magnetic MRO has integrated their Line Maintenance capabilities, serving as one line maintenance services provider.

Let us know if you have any support requirements at TLL and we’d be most glad to help and assist in a quality manner.

TLL Operational enquiries:

Toomas-Tanel Tõugjas, Maintenance Manager
M +37 2 5650 9821

Commercial enquiries:

T +31 (0) 20 655 68 61

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