Aircraft models served

Consistent investment in our capability to cover the latest aircraft models in your fleet

Magnetic Line (Direct Maintenance) is EASA Part-145 approved to perform aircraft line maintenance including Release to Service certification on these aircraft-engine combinations:

Boeing familyAirbus family
B737-300/400/500 plus -600/700/800/900 (CFM56)A319 (CFM56/V2500/PW1100G)
B737-7/8/9 (CFM LEAP-1B) aka “B737 MAX”A319 (CFM LEAP-1A) aka “A319NEO”
B747-200/300 (PW JT9/RR RB211/GE CF6-50)A320 (CFM56/V2500/PW1100G)
B747-400 (PW4000/RR RB211/GE CF6-80)A320 (CFM LEAP-1A) aka “A320NEO”
B747-8 (GEnx)A321 (CFM56/V2500/PW1100G)
B757-200/300 (PW2000/RR RB211)A321 (CFM LEAP-1A) aka “A321NEO”
B767-200/300/400 (PW4000/GE CF6-80)A330 (PW4000/RR Trent/GE CF6-80)
B777-200/300 (GE90/RR Trent)A340-300 (CFM56)
B787-8/9 (GEnx/RR Trent)A340-500 (RR Trent)
MD11 (PW4000/GE CF6-80)A350
A380 (GP7200/RR Trent)
Embraer family
ERJ-170 series (GE CF34)
ERJ-190 series (GE CF34)

Despite our extensive range of certification privileges, don’t hesitate to contact us in case holding additional aircraft models is essential for your operation. We are here to support you.

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