Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF) Airport station opened by Direct Maintenance

Direct Maintenance is happy to announce that the SXF station is open and approved! Being the line maintenance market leader in Berlin-Tegel Airport, it is an exciting opportunity to also start our operation in Schönefeld. With a wide portfolio of capabilities, among which B737, B767, A320 as well as exterior washes and engine washes, we are ready and happy to assist new and existing customers. Schönefeld is the fourth German Direct Maintenance station.

Dirk Moebius, Maintenance Manager TXL and SXF: “It is an exciting opportunity to take the experience and commitment that we have built at the TXL station to now provide high-quality line maintenance at SXF. The teams at both stations and I are committed to delivering the excellence that our customers have come to expect and work towards a bright future!”

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