Direct Maintenance announced the recent agreement of full line maintenance support for Hainan Airlines in Germany

Direct Maintenance, a certified line maintenance service provider, member of Magnetic Group, announced the recent agreement between the company and China-based Hainan Group airlines, for a full line maintenance support in Cologne-Bonn Airport in Germany.

The recent agreement is the extension of Direct Maintenance support for Hainan Group airlines, including Hainan Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines and Lucky Air – previously, company has been providing technical support to the Customer in Berlin airport. The extended agreement now consists of the full handling of aircraft not only in Berlin Airport, but also in Cologne-Bonn as well as in Frankfurt airports. 

„Hainan group is running 12 airlines in total and is ranked as the fourth largest airlines in China – and we are glad they have entrusted full handling of their three of their airline’s aircraft. We value the partnership with each other which is not going to be limited to the cooperation at our stations in Germany – Hainan Group and DirectMaintenance are expanding more potentials down the road together,“ shared Alfrend Wang, Customer Service Manager at Direct Maintenance.

Currently, Direct Maintenance covers over 70 aircraft combinations, including A320NEO, A350-900/1000, A380, B737 MAX, B747-8 and B787 in 27 different locations in Europe and Africa.

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