Experience Direct Maintenance: interview with intern Vincent Mulenga

This month, we have interviewed a Direct Maintenance intern from our station in Lusaka – Vincent Mulenga. Vincent shares his first impressions about the company and memorable experiences from the internship at Direct Maintenance.

How did you end up doing an internship at Direct Maintenance?

I found out about the operations of Direct Maintenance from my former college – and using recommendation from the the college, I have joined the company as intern. And I really enjoy it as supervision is excellent!

What are your expectations what do you hope to learn during the internship?

I want to become a competent and professional Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – so I am hoping to gain as much experience as I can to reach my goal.

What is your first impression of Direct Maintenance as an employer? Did you already had some memorable moments during the internship?

I have strong feeling that Direct Maintenance is providing hight standard working conditions – and I also enjoy the pace here!

And when thinking about memorable experience, I actually had it on my first day – I did Arrival/Dispatch Headset procedure and find it all very interesting – still have fond memories of the first day!

Are there any tips you could give to others who are interested in internship opportunities at Direct Maintenance?

Once you get the opportunity to learn at work, make sure you’re very attentive to the tasks and information given by Engineers – you can learn a lot from them!

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