Meet the Team: Alfred Wang

Alfred Wang, Customer Service Manager for China, is a team player with a flair for culture and communication – and he’s always here to take the extra steps to improve the understanding between colleagues here. Also, he’s avidly discovering different cultures – and has many stories to tell from his career in aviation and beyond. Get to know Alfred better and check out his interview!

Why did you choose aviation as your career path? And how did you start working at Direct Maintenance?   

Alfred Wang: I graduated from the Civil Aviation University of China with, major in Aircraft Material Sciences, and my aviation career started with me working as an Aircraft Structure Engineer in China Eastern Airlines. I thought being an aircraft engineer is one of the coolest careers in the world, which makes my family – and myself – so proud!

After being an MCC engineer for 5 years, I was transferred to the aircraft leasing department where I worked as a project manager:  this experience of another 5 years in the leasing industry has opened my eyes and mind much wider as I had a chance to meet and work with so many excellent domestic as well as international leasing teams from all over the world. During this time, I have received an offer to join the Direct Maintenance team – and have been part of it ever since!

What are your main responsibilities in your role? What do you like the most in your work? 

AW: I joined Direct Maintenance in 2019 as a management team member, and my main responsibility is to maintain Direct Maintenance, Magnetic MRO and Hangxin synergy. In addition, I also work with the sales team here at Direct Maintenance and explore more business potentials from all Chinese carriers. I think what I most enjoy from my work is that I always feel excited working with the fantastic international teams with so many different cultural backgrounds, learning from them and sharing with each other all interesting stuff – and, of course, the work itself is interesting as well!

What would you say are the biggest challenges in your work? 

AW: Making teammates understand each other better is the biggest challenge: the cultural diversities in the Direct Maintenance family is intriguing! It sometimes causes some misunderstandings – but avoiding being my-culture-centred I love to put myself in other’s positions and think from different angles – and this helps to improve the preciseness and efficiency of communication!

Can you share your best memory from working in aviation or in Direct Maintenance?

AW: The Chinese New Year of the Ox was celebrated in the Netherlands – it is the most important festival for every Chinese, however, due to the travelling restriction I could not fly back to China for the reunion with my parents. I felt so heart-warmed when I received so many blessings from so many Direct Maintenance people on Chinese New Year eve – at that moment, I felt like I was the happiest man in the world. 

Besides the aviation, what are your other passions? What are your hobbies, special interests? 

AW: For me, it’s writing. I can always find joy, harmony and peace inside of me through writing.

Besides this, I also enjoy reading and learning new skills – and don’t miss out on gym sessions!

What is your favorite destination to travel to?

AW: Honestly – all! I would very like to travel to all European countries, meet different people and experience different cultures.

Do you have a favorite motto or quote that you apply in your life?

AW: “If I am unable to lengthen my lifetime, then widen it.” This is a particularly good quote for me as I don’t want a life I spend just sitting in our place – and I think this is also the reason why I left China and came to the Netherlands.

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