Meet the Team: Amos Michael

We invite you to meet Amos Michael, a mechanical engineer at Magnetic Line, based in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Amos shares his insights about the aviation journey and his recent experience, training in Tallinn, Estonia – which also turned into his top destination.

Let’s start from the beginning – how did you get into aviation?

I think my path was clear from the start – since childhood, I have been fascinated by planes! Every time when we had state officials visit, we as kids in our community were allowed to get close to the plane and greet the officials coming to the region. It always felt like a celebration. Also, as in the local airport there were not that many big planes landing, seeing jet engines up close was mesmerizing. 

And so as far as I remember, I admired airplanes and wanted to work on them one day.

And how did you start working at Magnetic Line?

Just after completing my aeronautical studies at the college in 2017, I started working as an apprentice at the Magnetic Line station based in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. And I’ve been with the company ever since.

What are the main tasks in your line of work?

If I have to sum up my work, I would say that I, as an aircraft line maintenance mechanic working alongside the supervisor on duty, have to ensure that the aircraft is always fit and safe – serviceable – to make the next flight. 

That moment when everything is ready and the aircraft is about to be pushed back towards the taxi-way – as well as when it heads to the runway for a takeoff – are my favorite as you know you were part of its journey.

How would you describe your recent training experience at Magnetic MRO in Tallinn, Estonia?

It was on-the-job training for the Airbus A320 CEO – a three-month-long program at Magnetic MRO hangar in Tallinn. It was an outstanding experience from start to finish. From being greeted by amiable and experienced staff to having the opportunity to discuss the company’s plans with top management, the time I’ve spent in Tallinn exceeded my expectations! 

From now on, I even rank Tallinn as one of the top destinations to travel to. Primarily because now I associate it with vast new experiences working on planes inside-out – keep on gaining new skills are very important for aircraft mechanics and I value it a lot. Also, people were very friendly – and that makes up for the great destination to experience.

And besides your work, what are your hobbies?

Besides my passion for airplanes, I enjoy music and singing quite a bit. Also, I like staying active and enjoy doing some sports. Since my childhood, I was into athletics, and this fascination with this sport continues to this day just as my passion for aviation. 

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