Meet The Team: Mutta Yildirim

Mutta Yildirim, Sales and Marketing Support Officer here at Direct Maintenance joined us just a few months ago – but it has already been an interesting ride for him! Get to know him better!

Let’s take-off with a traditional question: what was the path that led you to aviation industry?

Mutta Yildirim: After graduation with my bachelor degree in business administration in 2016, I jumped into this industry – I think was fascinating from the start, but became even more special throughout these years, so I think I’ll stay in this industry for a long time!

Why did you choose to join Direct Maintenance?

MY: Because I am ready for new challenges! One of the main reasons for me joining this team was the plans of the board to grow and expand as a company and that’s a challenge I want to be part of. Also, I like to work in an international environment with people from different countries, and gladly I have this opportunity to work with colleagues from all over the world.

 Also, I want to develop myself, keep growing – and also be of help to the team. And I think I can achieve that being part of Direct Maintenance.

What would you consider to be the main challenges at work – and industry?

MY: Currently, there are a lot of movements going on in the aviation industry, and I think this is a time to be flexible and agile as a company to establish in tomorrow’s world. Yes, the situation itself because of the pandemic and uncertainty it brings is challenging for companies and for the industry – but then there are also plenty of opportunities for us to innovate and look for the best solutions together.

Let‘s move away from work – share your hobbies and other interests, besides aviation!

MY: I enjoy playing and watching football – in my free time I never skip a game of my 2 favourite football clubs Ajax and Besiktas. Also, I love to sail in the canals of Amsterdam and have recently got my first boat!

At the weekends and nights, I spend a lot of time in my small e-commerce business that I own since the beginning of the pandemic. I can proudly say that I don’t see this as work but more like a hobby because I enjoy creating things and spend time developing myself.

Do you have a motto or favorite saying?

MY: Yes, I do! “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”

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