Meet the Team: Timothy Kathuma

Timothy Kathuma, Lead Mechanic who works at Direct Maintenance station in Nairobi, Kenya, has been part of Direct Maintenance for over 9 years already – and what he likes the most is how fast-paced this work environment is. Get to know Timothy better as he shares a few insights from his experience with us.

Timothy, glad to have you onboard. Tell us how this aviation-career has started – what was your path to aviation industry?

Timothy Kathuma: It started right away when I enrolled for studies: I have studied Aeronautical Engineering and then I went for an Internship at Wilson Airport general aviation. Later on, I had experience in working for KLM under Engineering and Maintenance internship program and then joined Direct Maintenance in October 2011! So this year I will be celebrating 10 years of being part of this family. And I keep on working on to become a Licensed Aircraft Engineer in future!

What would you name as the main challenges in your line of work recently – and how did you cope with these challenges?

TK: I probably won’t say anything surprising – like for most, COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest challenge yet. And there’re no easy way to cope with it besides doing what’s in your power – that includes taking all required safety measures, like wearing mask, social distancing and taking your part in slowing the spread. Besides that, all we have to do is follow the rules and wait until it’s under control after the vaccinations rolls out globally and we can get back to life we were used to before the pandemic.

From challenges to joys: let’s talk about the achievements you are proud of! What would you name as your main professional achievement of the past year? 

TK: I was appointed to be charge of DMX Africa stations as Tools and Calibration controller, meaning I am responsible for ensuring paperwork, all up to date according to company procedures and tasks alike. It is a great responsibility and I appreciate the trust placed on me for this task.

What do you enjoy the most when working at Direct Maintenance?

TK: I enjoy many tasks here and how dynamic it is, like quick turn-rounds on defects troubleshooting and during AOG situations. I also like my responsibilities in ensuring all our Africa stations Tools been calibrated, and records are up to date.

Also, I like to participate in critical tasks, like engine change – and I like to know my work helps to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft and its safety during the flight – it all makes my work worthwhile.

And besides work, do you have any hobbies or special interests that helps you to relax after busy day at work?

TK: I have a few things I like to do in my free time – from adventures in the nature and going to the zoo, to watching football match or giving back to my community and taking part in community service – all of them adds to a productive – and still dynamic, like work! – free time.

And which destinations are your favorite to travel to?

I probably would agree any time to jump on the plane which would land in London Heathrow so I could visit Royal Botanic Gardens – or any plane en-route to JFK airport in New York to go to Queens Botanical Gardens. You probably can see the tendency here of where I like to go to the most!

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