Direct Maintenance donates facemasks to Dutch Medical Group

Last week both Direct Maintenance and Magnetic MRO have received the generous donation of face masks from Hangxin. However, since most of the Direct Maintenance staff due to the outbreak are non-active, the team had the liberty to pass masks on to the ambulance services, called the Dutch Medical group.

Happy to share a THANK YOU letter they have received:

“Dear Direct Maintenance team, 

We would like to warmly thank you for the amazing, generous gesture that we have received from you in the form of a large amount of facemasks.

It is amazing to receive this in this way and it is for us a healthcare organisation of great importance that this kind of donations happens. Our organisation, just like many other organisations and companies, go through anxious times. For us, the worry about the health of our caregivers comes on top of that. No matter how many extra measures we take, our people are day and night working with patients and our healthcare professionals are exposed to higher risk if they do not have access to protective gear. Facemasks are very important. The shortage is, therefore, all the more painful.

Our gratitude is large and I would like to extend our great thanks to the management and all colleagues in Direct Maintenance who made this possible!”
Edzard Enschedé
Director, Dutch Medical group

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