Direct Maintenance set up Cribmaster tool control system in TXL station

In mid-January, Direct Maintenance finalised the set up of the Cribmaster tool control system at the companies Berlin-TXL station. The set-up was performed with the assistance of Magnetic MRO Facility and Tooling Manager Maksim Kolesnik, as Cribmaster system is already used in the Tallinn hangars. Setting up a unified RFID based system will give the employees an easy way to manage all the tools. This is a step closer to companies digitalization & real-time RFID inventory tracking.

Karsten Kühnell, Stores Supervisor TXL, states: “The guys and I are really enthusiastic and motivated to start working using the Cribmaster system. It will make tool control less time consuming and more convenient.” 

“I am pleased to announce that the next RFID inventory and consumables tracking system is successfully set up. There are already over 40 active employees and more than 600 tools registered to the new system,” said Maksim Kolesnik. 

Direct Maintenance is currently using the latest release of Cribmaster software, which has been developed for maintenance station needs and covers all the following:

  • Total inventory control in real-time
  • Overal daily transaction report
  • Consumables management
  • Calibration expiry monitoring

In just two days Karsten and Maksim, with the help of Anouk Daams, project coordinator, and Patrick Broster from Cribmaster, managed to get acquainted with Cribmaster and assign items tags for tools and equipment. 

Maksim Kolesnik: “The system setup was very well welcomed – big thanks to Anouk and Karsten for the support and hopefully, they gained a lot of knowledge in these two days. Certainly, in future, we will make some follow up actions and come up with new developments which help improve everyday tools and consumables management.”

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