Direct Maintenance supports Kuwait Airways with rescue flight

Last weekend Direct Maintenance had an opportunity to assist Kuwait Airways in Dublin Airport station. Two Airbus A330 flights came to Ireland to retrieve students. Direct Maintenance was approached for ad hoc support and our engineers were happy to be able to support the A330s. In these strange times, we are here and ready to support where we can. Both aircraft and the students headed safely back to their home country!

Direct Maintenance donates facemasks to Dutch Medical Group

Last week both Direct Maintenance and Magnetic MRO have received the generous donation of face masks from Hangxin. However, since most of the Direct Maintenance staff due to the outbreak are non-active, the team had the liberty to pass masks on to the ambulance services, called the Dutch Medical group.

Happy to share a THANK YOU letter they have received:

“Dear Direct Maintenance team, 

We would like to warmly thank you for the amazing, generous gesture that we have received from you in the form of a large amount of facemasks.

It is amazing to receive this in this way and it is for us a healthcare organisation of great importance that this kind of donations happens. Our organisation, just like many other organisations and companies, go through anxious times. For us, the worry about the health of our caregivers comes on top of that. No matter how many extra measures we take, our people are day and night working with patients and our healthcare professionals are exposed to higher risk if they do not have access to protective gear. Facemasks are very important. The shortage is, therefore, all the more painful.

Our gratitude is large and I would like to extend our great thanks to the management and all colleagues in Direct Maintenance who made this possible!”
Edzard Enschedé
Director, Dutch Medical group

Direct Maintenance set up Cribmaster tool control system in TXL station

In mid-January, Direct Maintenance finalised the set up of the Cribmaster tool control system at the companies Berlin-TXL station. The set-up was performed with the assistance of Magnetic MRO Facility and Tooling Manager Maksim Kolesnik, as Cribmaster system is already used in the Tallinn hangars. Setting up a unified RFID based system will give the employees an easy way to manage all the tools. This is a step closer to companies digitalization & real-time RFID inventory tracking.

Karsten Kühnell, Stores Supervisor TXL, states: “The guys and I are really enthusiastic and motivated to start working using the Cribmaster system. It will make tool control less time consuming and more convenient.” 

“I am pleased to announce that the next RFID inventory and consumables tracking system is successfully set up. There are already over 40 active employees and more than 600 tools registered to the new system,” said Maksim Kolesnik. 

Direct Maintenance is currently using the latest release of Cribmaster software, which has been developed for maintenance station needs and covers all the following:

  • Total inventory control in real-time
  • Overal daily transaction report
  • Consumables management
  • Calibration expiry monitoring

In just two days Karsten and Maksim, with the help of Anouk Daams, project coordinator, and Patrick Broster from Cribmaster, managed to get acquainted with Cribmaster and assign items tags for tools and equipment. 

Maksim Kolesnik: “The system setup was very well welcomed – big thanks to Anouk and Karsten for the support and hopefully, they gained a lot of knowledge in these two days. Certainly, in future, we will make some follow up actions and come up with new developments which help improve everyday tools and consumables management.”

Direct Maintenance partners up with major flag carrier airline in Dublin

Direct Maintenance is delighted to extend the positive and longstanding cooperation with one of their most loyal customers in Dublin. It is with the continued mutual trust that we build on this partnership.

Frank Daams, Managing Director, comments: “When a current customer decides to extend to another one of our stations, we are always incredibly honoured. We strive every day to deliver the high-quality line maintenance that our customers have come to respect and to keep building on the relationships we have nurtured over the years.”

Direct Maintenance started with a new customer in Entebbe (EBB) station in Africa

As of this week, Direct Maintenance has started with a new customer in Entebbe line station – providing what we do best, line maintenance, on the Boing 777 Freighters.

Mandeep Rana, Head of Sales expresses: “It is great to see that many of our customers are extending their contracts with Direct Maintenance to other stations. This shows the trust we have gained by our performance. We continue to work towards a bright future!”

Direct Maintenance welcomes all line maintenance service support enquiries. Contact us today:

Direct Maintenance extends Etihad Airways partnership to Dusseldorf (DUS) station

On October 9th 2019, the Dusseldorf team has handled their first Etihad flight. Our engineers welcomed the first B787 today. We will provide Etihad Airways with full maintenance support.

Frank Daams, Managing Director, comments: We are grateful to have had a pleasant and productive partnership with Etihad Airways at our African stations. It is a true honour for us that they have extended their trust in Direct Maintenance in Dusseldorf. We look forward to successful cooperation with Etihad Airways in the future.

Direct Maintenance welcomes all line maintenance service support enquiries. Contact us today:

Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF) Airport station opened by Direct Maintenance

Direct Maintenance is happy to announce that the SXF station is open and approved! Being the line maintenance market leader in Berlin-Tegel Airport, it is an exciting opportunity to also start our operation in Schönefeld. With a wide portfolio of capabilities, among which B737, B767, A320 as well as exterior washes and engine washes, we are ready and happy to assist new and existing customers. Schönefeld is the fourth German Direct Maintenance station.

Dirk Moebius, Maintenance Manager TXL and SXF: “It is an exciting opportunity to take the experience and commitment that we have built at the TXL station to now provide high-quality line maintenance at SXF. The teams at both stations and I are committed to delivering the excellence that our customers have come to expect and work towards a bright future!”

Direct Maintenance opens its third Germany station at Hamburg (HAM) airport

Direct Maintenance is happy to announce that as of now, our HAM station is approved and open. The first aircraft was successfully welcomed by our staff and the newly branded car. With a capability for A380, B777 and B787 we are excited to build this operation and welcome more customers in HAM. Hamburg is the third Germany location where Direct Maintenance has opened a station

Erik Verwijmeren, Director of Operation, adds: “It is wonderful to see that these two stations are now both successfully opened. The teams at both stations and I are enthusiastic to explore the opportunities that will arrive here.”

Direct Maintenance welcomes the first A380 at Dusseldorf (DUS) station

Yesterday, on June 24th 2019, Direct Maintenance welcomed its first A380 flight at the recently opened station at DUS. Since it’s opening in April, the Dusseldorf station has been handling A320s and B767s, however, our DUS capability extends beyond those aircraft types.

Frank Daams, Managing Director, comments: “We, as Direct Maintenance, have had the A380 approval since 2012 and are genuinely pleased to provide line maintenance support to this aircraft at yet another of our stations. The local team is doing an excellent job providing full handlings to all aircraft at DUS, which will also show in the A380 operation.”

Direct Maintenance adds new capability at Dublin (DUB) station

We are celebrating the addition of the A320 IAE PW1100G engine to our EASA Part-145 line maintenance approval. We are happy to add this to our capability list at Dublin!

At Direct Maintenance, we strive to deliver excellence every hour of the day. Customers trust us for our progressive approach and our quick reaction time in achieving Part-145 approval for A320 NEO, B787 and most recently A350.

For any line maintenance related enquiries, please contact our Sales team

Direct Maintenance partners with Iberia at Düsseldorf (DUS) station

As of 20th April 2019, Direct Maintenance has added Iberia to its customer portfolio at the company’s brand new station in Düsseldorf. Direct Maintenance provides full maintenance support for the airline, both during the daytime operation as well as scheduled maintenance during night-stops.

Iberia is already one of the customers at the company’s first German station in Berlin (TXL), so this shows the trust our customers have in us and the dedication Direct Maintenance gives to supply the services they rely upon.

Direct Maintenance attends IATP Athens, signs new contracts with key customers

Direct Maintenance’s representatives – Managing Director Frank Daams, Operations Director Erik Verwijmeren and Sales Executive Mandeep Rana – attended the 119th International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP) conference, which was held in Athens, Greece from March 9th to March 13th.

The company’s representatives had a chance to meet existing and potential customers at the conference and get updates about the new EASA regulations and SGHA’s amendments. The topics discussed at the event were related to operational performance, contractual agreements, possible future needs of customers, customer issues, general market needs and trends, etc.

In addition to this, Direct Maintenance signed new contracts with some of our most valued customers – all of them for line maintenance services across the company’s network in Europe.

“Maybe even more important is the fact that we had a chance to meet with our customers, have good discussions with them, and have them know that we have listened to them – this gives an enormous increase in trust. Now it is up to us to filter all the information that we gathered so that we can support our customers at existing and new locations, and subsequently grow our business,” commented Direct Maintenance’s Sales Executive Mandeep Rana. “The IATP has given us, once again, loads of leads which help us to understand the customer needs and the market – with this we can expand and grow our line maintenance business.

Direct Maintenance had over 50 formal bilateral meetings with different airlines and many more informal meetings at the IATP conference.

Direct Maintenance has been an IATP associated member for a long time. The IATP conferences are member-only events that bring together technical departments from Airlines, technical supplier companies and Aircraft manufactures to speak about the market, its trends, needs etc. During the IATP, the participants have a chance to have consolidated meetings, pool meetings, training classes and bilateral meetings.

Magnetic MRO welcomes Direct Maintenance to the group with a ceremony in Amsterdam

Magnetic MRO, a global provider of Total Technical Care for aircraft operators and lessors, celebrated the acquisition of Direct Maintenance, an Amsterdam-based MRO provider that’s specialized in Line Maintenance for narrow- and wide-body aircraft, with a ceremony that took place in Amsterdam on March 27th, 2019.

Magnetic MRO’s CEO Risto Mäeots, who was in Amsterdam to welcome the new company to the group, thanked the staff of Direct Maintenance, the group’s shareholder Hangxin, bond buyers and everyone who was involved in the acquisition process in his speech.

“We have grown from a company of 180 employees to a company of 520 employees, Direct Maintenance staff included; we have grown from a 12 million euro revenue to a 120 million euro revenue within 6 years. That gives us confidence that we are doing something right and we are doing something with great passion,” Mäeots added.

In his speech, Direct Maintenance’s Managing Director Frank Daams thanked the management of Magnetic MRO and Hangxin for the trust and belief they’ve shown in Direct Maintenance. “Today’s event marks a new step for Direct Maintenance and all my fellow coworkers. In fact, I would like to consider this acquisition as a huge compliment to all our staff members. Their hard work and dedication has made Direct Maintenance to what it is today.”

Signed in February 2019, the deal between the two companies covers the transfer of 100% of Direct Maintenance’s shares from its previous owner Direct Aviation Group to Magnetic MRO. It also includes the right for the newly acquired company to keep operating under the Direct Maintenance brand.

Magnetic MRO acquires Dutch Direct Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a global provider of Total Technical Care for aircraft operators and lessors, has completed the acquisition of Direct Maintenance, an Amsterdam-based independent MRO provider that’s specialized in Line Maintenance for narrow- and wide-body aircraft. The deal adds Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 to Magnetic MRO group’s capabilities, and doubles its global line stations network while allowing the Dutch company to keep the Direct Maintenance brand.

Signed in February 2019, the deal covers the transfer of 100% of Direct Maintenance’s shares from its previous owner Direct Aviation Group to Magnetic MRO. It also includes the right for the newly acquired company to keep operating under the Direct Maintenance brand. 

With a team of 140 employees, the Dutch MRO company provides a wide range of line maintenance services for narrow- and wide-body aircraft, including Airbus A340, A380 and A350, as well as Boeing 747, 777 and 787. The company also supports Embraer 170/190 and MD-11 aircraft types. Direct Maintenance’s network includes 8 countries and 11 line stations serving national flag carriers and major leisure airlines from Europe, Middle East, USA, Asia and Africa.

“I am glad to welcome Direct Maintenance as a new member to our group. I would also like to thank previous shareholders for a productive negotiation process and their belief in Magnetic MRO – we will support the company’s growth to a new level, continue offering premium value for its customers, and provide its team members with new opportunities for professional growth,” shares Risto Mäeots, the CEO of Magnetic MRO. “The acquisition is a part of our strategic development plan. It will allow us to further expand our total technical care program, as well as synergize Magnetic MRO’s and Direct Maintenance’s efforts in customer support, business development, and other areas.”

“For almost 20 years, Direct Maintenance has been carefully and very successfully building its global network of efficient and modern line support. By joining Magnetic MRO’s group, we gain stimulus for a new, even more ambitious and exciting step in our development. In addition, on behalf of the team, I would like to thank our customers for the long-standing trust, and, rest assured, they will be the main beneficiaries of our cooperation with Magnetic MRO,” said Frank Daams, the Managing Director of Direct Maintenance.

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